About Us

Jorbenadze & Gatserelia Counselors (JG Counselors) is a Georgian Law firm that incorporates in itself legal practice, scientific knowledge and international relations. The company aims to create a higher competitive legal market and provide high quality legal services for both physical and legal entities. The company unites several dozen highly qualified employees who understand and work together with you to solve the toughest legal issues in major industries and who are maximally focused on each client and their interests. Our team has a wide range of backgrounds. Diversity of backgrounds and experience delivers a broader perspective. Perspectives which ultimately make for more rounded thinking and better answers for you. JG Counselors operates in different directions: representation at Common Courts of Georgia, representation at Constitutional Court, representation with the parties, drafting legal documents, legal consultation, outsourcing, international relations, representation with international bodies, private investigations, etc. We put clients at the heart of all we do, we recruit and develop exceptional people empowering them to do and think differently. We serve our clients as a team, with a common focus on innovation and efficiency. Every case is a project for us and while working on it we employ human rights-based approach, which is a novelty for law firms. We provide fresh thinking combined with proven experience and that is what JG Counselors is all about. Why choose JG Counselors? 1. Deep understanding of your issues 2. Straight talking and practical problem solving 3. Strong relationships and a collaborative approach

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Our Services

Legal Consulting

 Civil law  Contract law  Business law  Banking law  Family and inheritance law  Copyright law  Labor law  Advertising law  Media law  Social Media law  Internet law  Administrative law  Construction law  Environmental law  Energy law  Constitutional law  Criminal law  Representation at the Courts

Representation at the Court

Representation at Common Courts, Constitutional Court, Arbitration.

Preparation of the Documents

Establishment of the company, branch etc., preparation of contracts etc.

International Disputes

Preparation the documents for the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR), representation at the international courts and arbitration.


Outsourcing for legal services, management and accounting.

Tax and Accounting

Since 2019 our company has been providing accounting services in Georgian, English and German languages.

Our Team